The mission of Grace Christian Academy is to educate the whole student within a Christian context of spiritual, social, mental, and physical development.

As an extension of the Ministry of the Church, we exist to help students cultivate a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to discover and encourage their gifts and to inspire each student to realize his or her full potential in serving God in spirit and in truth.

Grace Christian Academy was founded by our church members in 2014.

Since then we’ve grown to a team of about 15 people and about 75 students. At this time we’re providing grades K-7. We’re very blessed to have this opportunity to educate our children the way we deem necessary in the confines of our very own church and instill the values that are important to us as a community.

It's our vision that we would successfully equip this generation to be spiritually mature, academically advanced, and socially developed individuals, prepared for a life of service to the glory of God.

The structure of Grace Christian Academy is traditional and we believe that this approach to education is the most effective as it places a strong emphasis on “the basics” with subjects such as mathematics, history, science, and language studies. Our aim is to provide an excellent educational program while applying and intertwining the knowledge of God within all courses. It is our prayer for each and every student that they might know how much God loves them.

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